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Religious Practices in other countries are harsh and are considered human rights violations in the United States of America. The Catholic Faith is International and does not practice these types of harsh human right violating acts.

One of the topics for reading and writing on Helium.com is “Catholic Bashing”. As Americans we value Family, Friends, Community Service, and  socializing. Many other countries still sell children, still practice women and children as property, and still practice torture.

Even if you are not religious, the American Value system is very different than those of other countries. People risk thier lives on boat trips for months, hid for months on the boarder, and lie about who they are to become an American Citizens.

My younger sister has traveled the world, she has shared some of her stories about treatment in other countries. We both appreciate the United States of America. As a “Black Women” I have the right to voice my opinion, as citizens we speak out about issues, and have the right to organize to fight wrongs.

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