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On June 28, 2015 a Petitioner or Signature Gather was denied processing of 149 signatures. How are issues going to make the ballet if  up to 149 signatures are refused, as a Free/Independent Press Agent  G.N.S. Press # 4789, are reporting AWAN Working World, Inc.  415 Manchester, Inglewood as refusing a petitioners signatures gathered in the lower La Hieghts area in Los Angeles, California. The area is considered a wealthly Negro area.

Reporting this is a problem because the office looks Black. So what should someone do with all this confidential information? This petitioner is shedding it. What do the others do? This is why people do not want to sign petitions. The “Petitioners” will not understand.

Tres Mali Scott: Petitioning or Signature Gathering Offices Refuse Confidential Information: A Black-American Experience!®