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Not many people are willing to discuss  alien abduction or attempted alien abduction. For Paranormal Psychology, proof and ability to study the phenomena is an issue.

The name of the individual, I am not reporting, just the description of the incident. About five (5) years ago, it was reported that  while sleeping a women was sleeping and woke up  to a light that tried to pull her out of bed, she stated she started praying and fell back to the bed.

Alien Abductions: What is considered Alien?

The Discovery Channel special on The Strangest UFO Stories looked at the connection between Alien Portals and Religion, Alien Gate Ways, Heavenly Portals, use of sounds and tones for Portals, and the use of Psychics to identify Portals.

This show also discussed the difficulty in truth in reporting by defining a Debunker.

*Debunker——-Person that would not admitt it even when proven true.

The show also discussed The Mystery of Staregate Edington, that Reports started 12 years ago in Scotland, and that people are afraid to speak out about Alien reporting.

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