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A Paranormal Psychology (PNP) View by Tres Mali Scott on TMSC Consulting Services, LLC Psychic Division

The biological basis for Paranormal Psychology (PNP) is the predisposition for a non-pathological disorder. Someone or something, an event, tramua, emergency situation, crisis, etc., triggers or agravates this predisposition through a supernatural or paranormal phonomena and a decrease in functioning occurs. The person is functioning, but not at the same level.

The functioning level could improve or decrease as a result of the occurance that triggers or agravates the predisposition.

Paranormal Psychology (PNP) is considered a study of cognition while a supernatural or paranormal event is occuring. PNP is a supernatural science that is unexplained or not fully understood. Like Magic, magicans used gun powder science before it was understood. Quantium Physics is an example of an explained supernatural science.