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How can research improve for online publication? Three Online Research Keys include:

1. Your Own Original Researched Work,
2. Real Data You Manipulate Yourself, and
3. Wording That Your Audience Can Understand.

Research is a systematic and scientific investigation that includes methods of collecting, analyzing and reporting data to increase our understanding of a research subject, topic, or phenomenon. The “Introduction” of a research article is considered researched information and should be your “own original work”.

The Materials & Methods, Results, and Discussion sections of the research article contain real data that has been manipulated and is being reported. A general list of sections of a research article include:

*Title Page
*Materials & Methods
*Literature Cited

The third Key for online research publication is ” Wording that your audience can understand”:

+Who is your audience?
+Can they understand what the article subject is?
+Can they understand the background information of the article (Introduction)?
+Can they understand what materials you used and the method you used?
+Can they interpret and understand the results?
+Can they understand the discussion?

Each audience may be different, meaning who the article is worded to for understanding. For example: An article written for Medical Doctors as an audience is not worded, formatted or presented the same as an article written for High School Students.

Research Methods include:
The Goal:
Exploratory Research-structures and identifies new problems.
Constructive Research-develops solutions to a problem.
Empirical Research-test the feasibility.

The Type:
Primary Research-a collection of data that does not yet exist.
Secondary Research-a summary , collation and/or synthesis of existing research.

The Social Sciences:
Qualitative Research- understanding human behavior.
Quantitative Research-systematic empirical research.