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A Paranormal Psychology (PNP) View by Tres Mali Scott on TMSC Consulting Services, LLC Psychic Division

is easier to hid when criminal activity is occurring, these groups and organizations are very specific in using Religion. use:

  1. Identity Theft
  2. Falsification of Documentation
  3. Selling Narcotics and other Drugs
  4. Selling and “Running” Fire Arms (guns, hand grenades, rockets, bullets-including the so called “cope killers” or hollow points).
  5. Illegal electronic use-computer programming and building of unlicensed and unidentified computer systems.
  6. Illegal access to “Intra-Computer” systems and databases. For example, some intra-computer systems now need a program to logout, even if you push the logout icon.

and publish reports on groups and activities. Para-terrorist practice not having an accent, Americanizing themselves, and para-terrorist “specialize” in looking like a “Black” or “White” American Person. This practice comes from the founding of the United States of America and the “Melting Pot Theory”:

  1. Para-terrorist use religion and tenants of scripture to justify negative and harmful behaviors.
  2. Para-terrorist are harmful to women and children.
  3. Para-terrorist use false identities to obtain jobs and learn company procedures to destroy the company, the economy, and capitalism.
  4. Para-terrorist are religious groups or units that are programmed and negative behaviors are triggered, meaning, something occurs that elicits a specific behavior. For example the blowing up of buildings and planes.                                                                                                                                                                       -*-This technique makes it difficult to track para-terrorist because they do not have to communicate with one another to have synchronized events. Para-terrorist use mass communication (TV, Radio, & Internet).
  5. Para-terrorist use emotion, problems, tragedy, and trauma to manipulate and control behaviors. Para-terrorist cause precipitating events like 911 and the OKC bombings.