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A Paranormal Psychology (PNP) View by Tres Mali Scott on TMSC Consulting Services, LLC Psychic Division

The names and definitions of the Catholic Church Holy Classes, Choirs and Orders of Angels of God fall under Paranormal Psychology (PNP) because not everyone has the ability to see, hear, touch, smell, or know when Angels are around.

St. Augustine and St. Gregory say of the word angel, “angelus est nomen officii”–Angel is the name of the office (http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/01476d.htm).

The Angels of God include in descending order:

  • Seraphim– The highest choir or class of angels
  • Cherubim-Angels of wisdom, guardians, and protectors
  • Thrones-Angel of righteous judgement
  • Dominions-Movers of stars and planets
  • Powers-Restrains assaults of evil spirits
  • Virtues-Dispenses celestial miracles and stupendous works
  • Principalities-They direct God’s commands
  • Archangels-Chief angels
  • Angel-Associated with symbols (Scott-Christian, 2007)( Klien, 2000).

Assending order: Angels, Archangels, Principalities, Virtues, Powers, Dominions, Thrones, Cherubim, Seraphim.

The three most known Archangels are:

  • St. Michael-One who is like God-Apocalypse 12:7-9 “7+Then war broke out in heaven; Michael and his angels battled against the dragon. The dragon and its angels fought back, 8 but they did  not prevail and there was no longer any place for them in heaven. 9+The huge dragon, the acient serpent, who is called the Devil and Satan, who deceived the whole world,  was thrown down to earth and its angels were thrown down  with it.”
  • St. Gabriel-God is my strength-Daniel 8:16 “16+…and on the Ulai I heard a human voice that cried out “Gabriel, explain the vision to this man.”
  • St. Raphael-God is my health-Tobit 12:15 “I am Raphael, one of the seven angels who enter and serve before the Glory of the Lord.” (Scott-Christian, 2007)(Klien, 2000).

The other Archangels are:

  • Uriel-God is my light
  • Jophiel-The beauty of God
  • Chamel-Angel of God’s wrath
  • Zadkiel-The righteousness of God
  • Jophkiel-The purity of God (Scott-Christian, 2007)(Klien, 2000).

And God gives all of us a “Guardian Angel”. We also have angels assigned to us at birth. These angels are sent to guide, guard, protect, and send us messages from God everyday (Scott-Christian, 2007).


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