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Tres Mali Scott on TMSC International® Psychic Division

Degrees of Paranormal Psychological Ability  are measured by how much you use the abilities to interact with the environment.

Intuition come from the Latin “intuitio” look upon, and is the quick perception of truth without conscious attention or reasoning, that is, known  intuitively, truth obtained by internal apprehension without the aid of perception or the reasoning powers.

Intuition is considered a Lower Degree of Paranormal  Psychological Ability, it is specific:

  • A Field-The title of a type of Employment (ex. Law Enforcement includes Security Officers [lower level] and Police Officers [higher level], Education includes K-12 Teachers [lower level] and Colleges/Universities Professors [higher level]).
  • A Place
  • A Vocation-Trade, Skill and is more Kinestedic (Hands on for Employment).
  • A Profession-Education, Degrees and is more Auditory & Visual for Employment).
  • An Experience

Articles to improve your Vocation/Profession/Field:  How to Find Success in Corporate America,   AssociationsContinuing Education

An individual may have a High Degree Vocation, Profession, or field and it be considered a Lower Degree of Paranormal Psychological Ability. For Example:

  • Engineering Intuition
  • Medical Intuition
  • Mechanistic Intuition
  • Technological Intuition
  • Humanistic Intuition
  • Kinestedic Intuition

Each of these Vocations, Professions, or Fields have a set/sect of skills, knowledge, and wisdom required for success and the Education requirement is Above Average. Some of these sets/sects are considered Paranormal Psychological Abilities.

Because it is “Specific” to a Vocation or Profession, it is considered “An Intuition”, and the individual is using the Paranormal Psychological Ability for a specific purpose, field, vocation, profession, place, or experience.

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