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  1. Perceptions: When I communicate with people, I sometimes know what they are going to talk about?

Yes:   3      No:    0

2. Cognition: I Learn by Reading?  Yes:  1     No:   0

I learn by Listening to someone speaking? Yes: 1  No: 0

I learn by doing a hands on projects?  Yes: 1   No:  0

3.  Telepathy: When I am around people, I sometimes think about past events that happened that I should not know (Retro-Cognition)? Yes 7  No  0

I sometimes think about future events that are going to happen that I should not know (Pre-Cognition)? Yes:  5 No: 0

4. Intuition:What is there that I do better than others because I can forecast what is going to happen?_________________________(Vocational/Professional Intuition, Example: Medical Intuition)<Research the education necessary for the Vocation/Profession you are most interested and intuitive in.>

5. The “Clair-a’s”: I believe and acknowledge spirits and ghosts? Yes:  1  No: 0

I have a form of communication for them?(Example Prayer, Candles, Meditation) Yes: 1  No:  0

I can see them? Yes:  3  No:  0

I can feel/touch them? Yes: 3  No:  0

I can hear/listen to them? Yes: 3 No: 0

I can smell them? Yes:  3 No:  0

I just know when they are a round and things that happened to them? Yes: 5  No: 0

I can taste things that are going on (Ears, Nose, and Mouth are connected) Yes: 5  No: 0

6. Non-Human Life forms: I believe/Acknowledge that there are life forms other than human beings that do not live on earth?  Yes: 7  No: 0

7. Psychic: Sometimes I know something and can not explain why? Yes: 7  No:0

Total Possible: 56

0-20 Low to Medium Paranormal Ability

21-40 Medium Paranormal Ability

41-56 Medium to High Paranormal Ability

Tres Mali on TMSC International® Psychic Division

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Tres Mali